Dinner Lake Lots 14 & 15 For Sale
Dinner Lake Plat
Looking NW towards lots
House to south of lots
Lots 14 and 15
Lot dimensions are clearly visible above, as are the acreage sizes of each lot
Looking NW across lots 14 and 15
The completed home two houses down (to the south) of Lots 14 and 15 (the lots to the north of lot 14 and 15 are vacant.
The completed home next door (to the south) of Lots 14 and 15
Standing on lot 15 looking towards the lake (west)
Two house south of lot 14 and 15
Presented here are two lots that I have for sale in the beautiful Sunset Point subdivision located in the town of Sebring in highlands County, Florida. If you like what you see below and are interested in the possibilities, then please contact me for further discussion.  Detailed information about Dinner Lake and Highlands County and additional links to the same are at this bottom of this page.

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About Dinner Lake (as found at Highlands Soil and Water Conservation District)

Dinner Lake is a 420 acre, deep, sandy bottomed ridge type lake located to the northeast of the city of Sebring.  Water quality is generally good in Dinner Lake, based on Lakewatch data.  However, water quality in the southern lobe of the lake declined in the spring of 2001 for unknown reasons.  Phosphorus levels are quite low in the lake, ranging from 5 to 16 ppb (parts per billion) and averaging 9 ppb.  Nitrogen levels have also been quite low since sampling began in 1999 (except for one sampling site this spring.  Nitrogen levels range from 290 to 1270 ppb and average only 582 ppb.  Algae populations, as measured by the concentration of chlorophyll in the water, are also quite low as a result of low nutrient levels.  Chlorophyll values range from 1 to 11 ppb and average only 5 ppb.  Water clarity, as measured by the depth to which a standardized secchi disc can been seen when lowered into the water, is also quite good.  Secchi depths range from 5 to 22 feet and average 10 feet.  There do not appear to be any long term trends in the water quality data collected so far.  Click here to view water quality data by year.

Historical Photos
Lakewatch bathymetric map (shows depth contours)

Water quality graphs through 2003
Lakewatch water quality data through 1999

Aerial image view up close in Google
Map view further out in Google

Google mapped information about Highlands County

Lake home that we have for sale on Lake Jackson in Sebring